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Anyone wishing to become a member of the Club must pay a £1.00 joining fee and the current Annual subscription. New members must be proposed and seconded by two existing members of at least six months standing and their name and address, with the names of their proposer and seconder, will be displayed in the Club for at least seven days before the day on which his/her name is submitted for election by the managing committee.

Membership forms are available from the Club.

The  current Club subscription is £15.00 per annum with a concessionary charge of £10.00 for senior citizens (inclusive of VAT) and there is a one off joining fee of £1.00.

Once you are a member, Club subscriptions are due each year in January.

NB: All members of the Club and Associates must be at least 18 years of age.

Please note the following rules under section 10:


Any member who has not paid his subscription by 01st February shall be considered to be “in arrears”.
The Club Secretary shall post in the registered office a list of the names of members in arrears within five days of their becoming in arrears and no member in arrears shall be permitted to use the Club or to take part in its affairs and any Committee member shall resign immediately.

Lapsed Membership

Any member whose subscription is unpaid by 01st March shall cease to be a member. The secretary shall post in the registered office a list of the names of persons who, for this reason, have ceased to be members.

Full ‘Rules of the Leominster Social Club Limited’ can be found here