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Leominster Sports and Social Club

Admission of non-members

Guests, visitors, spouses and children under 18 may only be admitted in accordance with the Club’s Registered Rules and must be accompanied, at all times, by the member who is responsible for their good behaviour. Non-members must be signed into the Visitor’s Book, provided for that purpose, and make a payment of £2.00. The Club operates under the guidance of the Challenge 25 policy and will only accept under 18 year olds accompanied by a responsible adult with the understanding that they will not be supplied any alcoholic drink or be permitted to play on gaming machines.

Code of Dress

Members and/or guests are expected to be suitably attired whilst on the club premises. Sleeveless vests, non-tailored shorts or working clothes are not permitted after 7.00pm.

Food and Drink

Drink, including alcohol, and food may not be brought in for consumption on the premises unless permission has been previously granted for special occasions.


No fundraising raffles etc. or other money making activity shall be conducted by another member, or other persons, on the premises without authority from the Club Committee.


The reserving of seats by members for themselves, other members or guests is not permitted if other members are without seats.


No posters or notices to be displayed on the club premises without the prior approval of the Club Committee.


Any suggestions or grievance regarding club matters must be submitted to the committee in writing. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.


Members and their guests shall enter, and leave, the club in an orderly manner in order to avoid any annoyance to local residents or persons in the vicinity of the club.

Bar area

No unauthorised person may enter the bar, cellar or kitchen area without permission granted by a committee member or Steward.

Club and Members Property

A member shall not knowingly remove, destroy or damage any property of the club. Members of the club, their guests or visitors who use the club premises do so entirely at their own risk and by so doing accept that the club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to them. Neither will the club accept any liability for any personal injury, arising to the aforementioned, unless neglect, default or negligence of the Club and/or Officers can be proven.


Members contravening a bye-law may be disciplined by the Club Committee in accordance with the Registered Rules.
Any malicious damage to the club or property of the club, by a member, will be required to be recompensed by said member and disciplinary action taken as thought appropriate.

Club Areas

Members may only smoke in the designated area outside the premises.
Members must not deposit litter in the club, or in the surrounding outside areas, but place in the receptacles provided.

Committee membership

Any committee member not attending for three consecutive meetings shall, unless he/she sends an explanation which the committee considers satisfactory, cease to be a member of the committee.